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The Auntie and Sissy Mentoring Program is designed to pair each young lady with two role models. ANS Mentoring goal is to unite caring and accountable ladies who seeks to provide guidance, support and encouragement. ANS Mentoring goal is to increase confidence, self-empowerment, positive relationships emotional and social development while synchronizing open lines of communication between mentee and mentor. 


“Auntie” without debunking or minimizing the importance of a biological mother and/or guardian’s position. She ranges in age 30 and older. “Sissy” is an opportunity for younger ladies, ages 19-29. Each potential mentor has been identified to have made great strides towards becoming successful and self motivated and have similar interests to the assigned mentee. Each mentor embarks on an intense interview process to ensure and maintain the integrity of both the mission and the vision of LADIDeclare as well as ensuring the safety; mentally and physically for each mentee.

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