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Our Scholarships

We're excited to provide our Future Icons with our scholarship program! Each scholarship is funded by partnering companies, organizations and individuals who believes in our mission. Our scholarships are limited! Scholarships are awarded and selected by our selection committee.

We have full and partial scholarships. Funding is limited and grows as we grow. Scholarships are awarded by a panel that works hard at providing a fair selection process.


Each who wishes to apply must complete the following:

  • Online Registration and Payment (Click here to register)

  • Submit Application (You can find application below)

  • Submit Report Card (Email report card to

  • Create a creative Reel for Instagram, showing why you're the next LADI Icon. Place video in your story and tag @ladiicon

LADI Icon Scholarship Application

Congratulations on completing your online application! Please remember to complete all steps of your application to be considered for our scholarship program!

Once you've completed our application, please email a copy of your Future Icon's Report Card to

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