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Registration is based on availability. Class sizes are limited and filled according to program. 

Registration will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. 


How to Register: 

Complete pre-registration form (click here) and registration fee online

Registration Fee: $325.00

Tuition Cost is based on program.

What’s included in tuition for Hair, Nails, Makeup & Fashion

  • Kit

  • Professional Photos for Portfolio

  • Uniform

  • Curriculum

  • Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing course of study

Etiquette Course: 

Formal Gloves

Formal Dinner and Transportation

Professional Photo Shoot


Family Discount: LADI Icon offers an additional 10% discount for families with multi LADI Icons.

(Registration fee is non-refundable.)

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Register TODAY to become a LADI Icon

Thank you for taking the time to register!

NEXT STEP: Click the link below to submit your Tuition Payment

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