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A LADI Speaks

A LADI Speaks is a personal development program where young ladies learn what it means to be a lady in today's society where ladies battle with self-respect, low self esteem and body image issues. This program was created for young ladies ages 10-17 to help assist in building positive self-esteem, self-assurance and overall wellness within themselves and their role in society. The purpose of A LADI Speaks is to lay a foundation for each participant to evolve into confident, accomplished and successful ladies and debunk negative possible outcomes while embracing her worth by way of becoming their own BRAND and owning their PERSONAL DESTINY.


PROGRAM runs year round, and starts up again in October of each school year.

  • A LADI Speaks runs for 8 week sessions - 1 hour sessions each, during these sessions, it is private and only members are allowed to partake in the session. 

  • Each member will receive a mentor! 

  • Curriculum created and guided by Shereeta Lynn and Creative Team.

  • Chapter Locations are formed by having 10 or more girls. 

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to ensure every young lady knows she is a Lady with a voice and that Beauty lies further than the distorted reflection she shys away from in the mirror and  to remember no mistake can ever change her Worth.


Our Mission

We aim to declare a destiny of personal excellence for ladies by educating, enlightening and empowering through the transformation of self discovery, self development, and self-confidence.


Each Young Lady Walks Away From A LADI Speaks with:

  1. The appreciation of sisterhood. 

  2. Discovery of personal purpose. 

  3. An understanding of what it truly means to be Beautiful and Worthy.

  4. Life experience. 


Our curriculum is unique and custom designed by LADIDeclare’s affiliates. It was created to educate, enlighten, empower and most importantly meet our young ladies where they are. It will cover topics that can be tailored to personal demographics as well. A LADI Speaks is layered with multiple components to help young ladies overcome obstacles through discussion on serious topics while having fun in a free, open and enjoyable experience. 


Topics Discussed:

  • Financial Planning and Literacy 

  • Anger Management and Conflict Resolution

  • Setting Goals, Organization, and Time Management 

  • Health & Fitness and Positive Body Image 

  • Self Esteem,  Self Respect, Confidence

  • Social Etiquette, Communication and Public Speaking 

  • Relationships 

  • Social Media

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